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Sexy Ass Chinese Pornstar Lulu Chu

if you are into super petite Chinese girls, then sexy little Lulu Chu is going to absolutely blow you away. Five foot nothing, petite, tiny asian tits, pierces nipples, and a super juicy pussy that loves to get fucked. This girl has gone from this relatively innocent looking set from 18Eighteen all the way up to fucking big black cocks in a very short range of time, she’s an amazing performer who loves to fuck and has a body that pretty much everyone wants to fuck too!

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Petite Asian Pornstar Alina Li

alana li

Alina Li is a relative newcomer to the porn world, but this petite Chinese girl has been totally ripping it up since she started. Still only 19 at this point, this tiny girl has really made an impression in a time when there is a real shortage of hot Asian girls in mainstream porn. She was born in China, grew up in the New York area, and this sexy little thing loves to fuck. She’s done plenty of hot scenes already, from amateur girlfriend stuff to hardcore big cock fucking. She does it all and looks incredibly sexy doing!

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Hotty Avena Lee

Avena Lee is one of the classic Asian pornstars, a girl well known for her hot scenes, her love of big black cocks, and her absolute, utter, and total refusal to do anal scenes. She likes ass play, but she doesn’t want anything big in there! Too bad, she has an ass that looks so fuckable. In a career that spanned about 4 or 5 years, Avena Lee appeared in over 130 DVDs, and more scenes that are online. She is actually Asian American, from Nevada, born to Chinese and Thai parents, which gives her a very unique look. Avena Lee is one truly hot fuck, a great performer who loves the camera and really gets into the action.

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Francine Dee

Francine Dee is the sort of girl that you either love or you think she is way over done. There is no middle ground with this sexy import car model, nude model, and website owner. She has a unique look, being that she is 3/4 Filipino and 1/4 Chinese. Born in Hong Kong, she moves to America at 5 and attended Catholic school, and as her bio says, you know what that does to a girl! She has been modeling since she turned 20, and is very well known in the Import Car scene. Her most obvious assets are her very large (and obviously fake) boobs, with high riding nipples that really stand out. She is curvy and shapely, that is for sure. On her personal site there is plenty of nude pics, sexy pics, and some wild stuff too. She does hot live cam shows for her members, and she also appears to have some voyeuristic house cams. That could be fun. While she doesn’t seem to do hardcore porn, I am sure she has been responsible for more than a few boners, being so sexy and all!

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Dragon Lily

Dragon Lily is a bit of a story, a truly wild mixed asian that has a unique look and style that isn’t for everyone. Her real name is Kelley Maren, and she is Chinese, Mongolian, Chamorro, Japanese and Visayan Filipina mixed. Talk about mixing of cultures. These things come together to get her a unique look, and a somewhat more stocky and solid body than most asians, 34C-25-35 means she is slightly heavy to the bottom but certainly very curvy. Plenty of tattoos, including a huge dragon on her back that prompted her name, She has been doing cam shows and such since 2000, has done a fair bit of fetish and kinky stuff, and occasionally does hardcore. She is a solid and sexy bisexual asian who isn’t scared to play it rough too!

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Sexy Asia Zo

Sexy Asia Zo is one of those stunning mixed race asian girls that leaves you guessing as to her heritage. Well, guess no more, this cute 22 year old has let the cat out of the bag, she is a mixed chinese, greek, and japanese girl. The greek part is actually pretty important, she got some amazing eyes out of the deal and this girl has got ass! Nothing like a hot and sexy asian with a little something out back to enjoy too. She has been modeling for a while, and recently has appears in a couple of hot scenes, showing off her many talents. She looks great in a skirt, sexy in a bikini, and hot as hell getting her asian pussy pounded!

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