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Sexy Gianna Lynn

Gianna Lynn is a sexy Asian pornstar with a very mixed background. She was born in the Philippines, but her background includes Pinay, Spanish, and Chinese. It gives her very unique looks, including that she is taller than many Philippino women (she is 5 foot 4) and nice hips (curvy). She has some fairly sizable 34D (augmented) boobs, and a great look. She sort of has that classical Asian pornstar look, sort of like Asia Carrera with the makeup and the overall look. She is a hot fuck, has a few very notable tattoos, and over 150 movie credits in IMDB since 2005.

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Naomi Lee

One of the things I really enjoy is spotting a new Asian pornstar before she really becomes a star. I am not sure if Naomi Lee is going to be a full time pornstar, but I have spotted two scenes with her and both of them are smoking hot. This scene from CumFu has her as a cheerleader getting boinked, and the other scene is her as a schoolgirl. She has the look, with nice tiny asian tits and a cute sort of innocent look. She isn’t so innocent when it comes to time to get going, she is a little sex machine that seems to look big cocks deep and hard. She does facial cumshots, but in this scene she gets a nice creampie pussy. Do you think she has a shot to be a big star?

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Kandace Kavelli

Kandace Kavelli is sort of an interesting case. She started out doing porn a couple of years back, shot some scenes, and sort of disappeared. Recently, she has returned to porn, a little more matured and rounded, but actually looking way more natural and completely hot. This fresh new scene from CumFu shows her off well, her tiny asian tits look great, and she does hard deep throat and everything. I have seen her in a couple of scenes even doing deep anal with a big black cock, so she is pretty much up for anything. Oh yeah, this scene ends with a pretty big creampie, all nice and messy.

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Sexy Korean Beti Hana

Beti Hana is a fresh face to the porn world, having only done a couple of scenes so far. But what she lacks in experience, this sexy korean girl makes up for in physical presence. The first thing is that she is listed in some places as teen, but as is typical for Korean women, it is very hard to tell. Some of the closeup pics shows her as much younger, where the more distant pics like this one show her as mature. Either way, she has an amazing hot body, a classic Korean face, and she loves to fuck. In this scene from CumFu, Beti Hana takes on two guys, and ends up with a nicely done creampie pussy following an internal cumshot. She isn’t shy!

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Abbie Lee

Abbie Lee is a real cutie, the sister of equally sexy Annie Lee, this hot girl from Thailand is only starting to make it in the porn world. I have only seen her in a couple of scenes so far, but she is one hot fuck. Like her sister, Abbie Lee has got a hot body but some oddly overdone implants, rather obvious large man mades. However, she really does hold them up well, and generally looks very sexy, especially in bikinis, bras and panties, etc. This scene from Cumfu has her getting fucked by a well hung young stud, and she takes every inch of his huge cock. She looks like a really hot fuck!

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